(Photo: Getty Images, Robin Marchant)

According to Deadline, Nia Vardalos is set to star in a new dramedy series for Bravo that’s loosely based on her own life experiences—and, apparently, the time she met the Chewbacca Mom while doing a morning show. Given the working title Suburbs Famous, the show is about a woman who accidentally becomes famous thanks to a viral video, at which point she is quickly tossed into “the cutthroat world of celebrity chefs” and must “navigate between the intense public scrutiny which could destroy her and the investors who want to make her a star.”

The project is being co-written by Vardalos and former Raising Hope showrunner Mike Mariano, and Vardalos will reportedly “mine some of her own experiences of becoming an overnight sensation” after the release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, as well as the aforementioned time she crossed paths with the Chewbacca Mom. In a statement, she said she “wanted to explore the concept of sudden fame for someone who isn’t prepared and doesn’t want it.”