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Combining one of America’s fastest growing political talents with that classic Hollywood standby, the hot young actor deciding to fuck up his image with a little old-fashioned serial killer work, the Sundance Film Festival released the majority of its schedule for its 2019 outing tonight. Among the numerous films on display: The documentary Knock Down The House, which follows recently elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from Bronx bartender to legitimate political force, and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, which sees Zac Efron step into the dapper ’70s styles of serial killer Ted Bundy.


Besides the list of titles—which also features the Mindy Kaling-penned Late Night, which stars Emma Thompson as a TV talk show host, and Honey Boy, in which Shia LaBeouf plays his own dad in a recreation of his childhood—Sundance also released a list of encouraging statistics about the festival’s demographics next year. Of the 112 films that’ll be displayed in Park City in January 2019, 40 percent were directed by at least one woman, and 36 percent by a person of color. It’s hard not to see the release of that statistical info as a deliberate fuck you to the Venice Film Festival, which played host to exactly one film directed by a woman that screened in competition in 2018. But it’s also an acknowledgement of the new realities facing Hollywood (and indie film) as they struggle to be better about inclusion and representation.

You can see the full list of films announced for the festival so far—which also includes Rashid Johnson’s Native Son, and the sex-talk doc Ask Dr. Ruthover at Variety.

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