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Next up for The Office: Even more babies

The introduction of Jim and Pam’s baby on The Office left many fans cold, as the show’s already-adorable central couple devolved into heretofore-undiscovered levels of cuteness. But what if they had two babies? Perhaps the added burden would upend their increasingly staid character dynamic and finally put a visible strain on their oh-so-perfect relationship? Or maybe it would just double down on the preciousness—whatever the case, you’ll find out this season, as Jenna Fischer has confirmed to Vulture that her real-life pregnancy will factor into upcoming episodes. Fischer says that the season premiere will reveal that Jim and Pam’s secret Valentine’s Day dalliance in the workplace has led to a second bundle of subplot-generating joy, which conveniently they’ve been keeping secret from everyone over the summer. In perhaps more intriguing Office news, Fischer also confirms that Michael Scott’s replacement (who will serve under James Spader’s previously announced CEO) has definitely been picked, but she didn’t reveal who it would be. Perhaps it will be Jim and Pam’s baby, rapidly aged through an experimental growth hormone? Bet you wouldn’t be complaining about another boring baby then.


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