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Next stop: An interactive Twilight Zone reboot from the director of BioShock

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The Twilight Zone is set to travel through another dimension—a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of vague interactivity. According to The Wrap, CBS and Interlude, a media company that specializes in “interactive video,” have plans to revive the classic TV series in a new format where viewers will be able to affect how the story plays out. From the sounds of it, the details of how that will work are still in the planning phases, but Interlude’s past projects aren’t exactly a font of interactivity. The company’s technology is behind videos such as this alternate take on the ”Hulk vs. Ant Man” Coke commercial, where you can click on the screen to switch between a view of the heroes going at it and a dude who’s acting out the scene with his action figures. Others, like this elaborate Dos Equis ad, ask viewers to choose between a few different paths before the story moves forward.


Interlude has signed up Ken Levine, the video game developer best known for directing BioShock, to write and direct its Twilight Zone project—and presumably figure out a way to make the viewer’s impact on the story more meaningful. Given his most famous works are sci-fi morality plays with plot twists, Levine seems like a natural fit. But this will be his first foray into live-action media, unless you count that Logan’s Run remake he’s no longer writing. According to an interview with Wired, this is just a side project for Levine, whose new game studio, which formed from the ashes of Irrational Games in 2014, is still at work on its debut project. Levine is one of several figures from the video game industry to sign up with Interlude: Notably, Sam Barlow, the designer who put live-action video to great use in his game Her Story, is working on the company’s WarGames reboot.

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