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Next Spider-Man film will not have Mary Jane Watson

Heat Vision reports that Spider-Man casting is currently underway for the part of the recently instated Andrew Garfield’s love interest—and interestingly enough, whoever gets it won’t be playing Mary Jane Watson. Rather than search for an actress to imitate the check-cashing charms of Kirsten Dunst, director Marc Webb is instead looking for someone to play a mysterious, as-yet-unrevealed character, going so far as to remove her name from the script pages. There’s some speculation, of course, that the film will feature Peter Parker’s other major love interest, Gwen Stacy (whom Bryce Dallas Howard brought to life in Spider-Man 3), but there’s also apparently an equal chance that it could be someone totally new.

In the meantime, the potential actresses for Garfield to romance includes Emma Roberts, Teresa Palmer, Lilly Collins, Ophelia Lovibond, and the hilariously named Imogen Poots. (Rumored favorite Mary Elizabeth Winstead has reportedly dropped out.) Like Garfield, most of these are “up-and-comers,” and their relative “who?” factor speaks to the “lower-key, edgier” vision Webb has in mind, as well as to the fact that, man, we’re getting old.


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