We all knew that once Jeremy Renner got an Oscar nomination for The Hurt Locker he would start to get offered more mainstream leading man roles.  Let’s hope he proceeds with wisdom and discretion.  According to empireonline.com Renner might be teaming up with Ewan McGregor for The Raven. The film, helmed by Ninja Assassindirector James McTeigue, is a fictional account of Edgar Allan Poe’s life wherein he solves a murder mystery.  No word yet on who will be playing Poe (we’re guessing not Renner based on appearance alone.)

The second film: Peter Berg’s Battleship, based on the popular board game.  (Take a second to reread that last sentence.)  Renner might not be able to do the film if there are any scheduling conflicts or if someone were to shout the right letter and numeral combination.