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Next Fast And Furious movie will have cars, guns

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When producer Neal Moritz threw up his arms and was all like, “What? You want some more Fast And Furious movies? You think we won’t, pussies?” and confirmed plans for a sixth entry in the franchise, no doubt one wondered where the next film could possibly evolve from Fast Five, and continue finding new ways to have guys drive cars super fast. As it turns out, it won’t: Universal has decided that Fast Six (and all potential future chapters in the Fast saga) will begin moving away from car culture toward an emphasis on being more of a straight heist movie, one that just happens to include guys driving cars super fast. Citing examples like The French Connection and The Italian Job, Universal chairman Adam Fogelson confirmed that they’d hired screenwriter Chris Morgan—whose credits include the third and fourth Fast & Furious films, as well as the differently fast, atypically furious Wanted—to draft a script that concerns an elaborate robbery involving nearly all of the original cast members, thereby “transforming the franchise" while still retaining the name Fast Six so no one gets confused. You can check out Morgan discussing his process below.


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