Thanks to a fateful confluence in which the needs of the Parks And Recreation production crew coincided with Newt Gingrich's voracity for steak, the former Speaker of the House/future Emperor of the Moon will be the latest D.C. political figure to cameo on the current season. As Rob Lowe relayed with typical Chris Traeger enthusiasm on Twitter, "Latest surprise drop by on set: Speaker Newt Gingrich! So we made up a scene and put him in!! #AllHappeningInIndy"—and indeed, as showrunner Mike Schur later confirmed to the Indianapolis Star, he and the episode's writer and director did quickly concoct a scene for Gingrich, because "you can't pass up on an opportunity like that." After all, how often does one simply stumble across Newt Gingrich drowning his post-election sorrows in a thick T-bone, while sculpting a little moon colony out of his mashed potatoes and whispering, "Here's where we'll put the hydroponic farms, and here's where the moon car factory goes, and here's the store where Callista will buy her moon gowns" in Indianapolis?