Photo: Win McNamee/Getty

This Friday, an intelligent, moral, sane American president will cede his position to Donald Trump, a racist reality TV star with no political qualifications and a history of sexual assault. That is an extremely unfunny, factual statement, too bizarre to be real. But, as has been said many times since his election, we live in the zone now, a state of everyday existence that is fundamentally illogical and unreal.

Thus it is only fair that a Scottish newspaper has written a full blurb for the inauguration proceedings as if it were a reboot of The Twilight Zone. Sunday Herald TV critic Damien Love’s write-up has been making the rounds thanks to its at-once light-hearted and trenchant description of the bizarro-world event:


The write-up poses two good ideas: First, that we impeach the cartoon-villain president as soon as possible to stave off the collapse of global order, and second, maybe a Netflix reboot The Twilight Zone or something? If we can get three seasons of Fuller House we can certainly do this.