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News of Martin Scorsese moving forward on Sinatra biopic, as presented in song

When it was 2009
It was a very good year
It was a very good year for Scorsese
Taking on Frank Sinatra’s life
He snapped up the rights
And promised to make it on time
When it was 2009

Now it’s 2012
And it’s a very good year
Sinatra has a new writer and Deadline reports that
Billy Ray is his name
He wrote Hunger Games
No more development hell
Though that’s all we can tell


And now Scorsese’s moving along
He could make it this time
And it’s a good time to make easy Leonardo DiCaprio and
“Gimme Shelter” gags
‘Cause Sinatra no longer lags
It’s in development again
And those still factor in

[Orchestra swells while The A.V. Club sleeps with beautiful ladies, consorts with the mob, makes a charmingly off-color racist remark, then dies a very rich man.]

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