Even folks who lean left can start groaning before the new Michael Moore film opens. Well, we probably can anyway, but here's an additional reason. For Sicko, Moore apparently took some sick 9/11 rescue workers to Cuba—sounds like one of his clever little "surprise" moments—and this has prompted an investigation from the U.S. Treasury Department, which says he might not have had legal permission to travel to Cuba. Apparently, Moore has already hoarded a copy of the film in a "safe house" outside the U.S. (Associated Press)

Rapper Master P has pledged to ditch offensive lyrics and found a new label, Take A Stand. He'll also lead a search for (presumably innocuous) rap talent with a planned reality show, America's Next Hip Hop Stars. (AllHipHop)

But if you'd rather read about something Americans are not likely to fuss over, the Rolling Stones have moved a concert in Belgrade for the sake of some horses who live near a venue. The previous plan was to dope the horses so the concert wouldn't disturb them. (Reuters)