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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

News of conflict real and imaginary

Just as Apple and iTunes start progressing toward less restrictive music sales, the European Union has charged Apple and major record companies with limiting choices on another matter, Reuters reports—Europe's iTunes customers can buy music only in their country of residence. Not that this'll matter much to American readers, but shouldn't we all be proud when a native company gets sued by an entire continent? OK, part of a continent, but it sounds cool.

There's a warrant out for the arrest of country singer Billy Joe Shaver, who's accused of shooting a man outside a bar in Texas. (Associated Press)


And, for those who find entertainment in the grating romance troubles of others, He's Just Not That Into You will be adapted for a film.

Here's some insight into why networks seem to be rushing to cram in more and more crime shows (apart from the fact they've always been popular): Crime-show viewers are highly likely to watch commercials, even when watching on DVR, Variety finds.

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