If you missed Colbert on O'Reilly/O'Reilly on Colbert: The Associated Press runs a handy summary of this monumental pundit interchange. Video on The Colbert Report's site and nothing yet, apparently, on O'Reilly's page. Perhaps that's just because Colbert stole O'Reilly's microwave.

Fake missile injures set worker: On the set of Charlie Wilson's War, which stars Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks, says The Hollywood Reporter.

It's Elton's birthday, and we're all invited: Variety on the many options for vicariously joining in on Elton John's 60th birthday party at Madison Square Garden in March.


Greatest movies list updated: The American Film Institute will air a 10th-anniversary edition of its "100 Years…100 Movies" list (shut up, shut up, math doesn't matter!) on CBS in June, according to Variety.

Park named "South Park" faces renaming: It's the mildly boring controversy of the day.