Most news is imaginary anyway, and that goes double in the entertainment world. That's not to say it's not controversial stuff, though. Here are some current events that may or may not threaten to affect conditions outside of certain people's right brains.

Forbes updates its ranking of the richest fictional characters, putting Daddy Warbucks in the lead over Monty Burns, Scrooge McDuck, and Richie Rich. Hey, wait, is this just a list of rich fictional characters randomly shuffled each year to attract non-financier readers?

Semi-fictitious gay penguins provide no end of moral debate for parents fighting a children's book about them. One parent closed the book, And Tango Makes Three, when she "realised it was not quite the straightforward animal tale she had expected." Of course it's not a straightforward animal tale. That's why it's a children's book.


Kazakhstan's president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, joyfully acknowledges that Borat is imaginary, apparently abandoning the "Borat might be interpreted as kinda realistic" approach.