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News from on high: FOX won't be airing Dollhouse during November sweeps

Dollhouse news seems to change by the week. In mid-October, we announced that not only was the Joss Whedon show tearin' it up in DVR ratings, but that FOX was committed to airing all 13 episodes of the show's second season. (And who cares when—we all have DVRs.) Now the network is announcing that after this Friday's episode, the show will take a hiatus until December, to be replaced with reruns of Bones and House, and doubled-up when it returns. This means Dollhouse won't be a part of November sweeps, a chance for the network to push its top shows to new advertisers. It's not a huge deal to miss a week or two, but for a show to not even be a part of sweeps at all—especially one struggling with ratings like Dollhouse—is a sign that the network has given up trying to figure out how best to market the show. As much as we love Dollhouse, if a procedural rerun will do better than a new episode, we're not too sure what the answer is, either.

Lots to look forward to in December, though, with Summer Glau and Ray Wise still scheduled to make an appearance.


(via scifiwire.com)

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