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At The Drive-In’s Tony Hajjar recently announced he was teaming up with Queens Of The Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, Mastodon singer/bassist Troy Sanders, and musician/composer Mike Zarin to just obliterate ears, i.e., play together in a heavy-as-fuck band. And just one week after announcing the formation of their supergroup, the members of Gone Is Gone have released the first single off their eponymous debut album, which is set to drop in July. “Violescent,” the lead single off Gone Is Gone, just got its world premiere on Apple’s Beats 1 radio show.


The song was teased last week with a 30-second video, but the full four-minute track is a teeth-gnashing fusion of post-hardcore and metal. Gone Is Gone will feature eight new songs from the band, including “Violescent,” and will be released via Rise Records on July 8th. Here’s the complete track list.


Gone Is Gone

1. “Violescent”
2. “Starlight”
3. “Stolen From Me”
4. “Character”
5. “One Divided”
6. “Praying From the Danger”
7. “Recede and Enter”
8. “This Chapter”

[via Rolling Stone]

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