At this point, Mel Gibson is cranking out tapes at a post-mortem-2pac rate—or maybe it’s just that RadarOnline, which remains the web’s premier source of making us link to them this week, is milking this newfound attention for all it's worth by not just releasing the whole damn conversation between Gibson and ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, which for all we know is still going on. Anyway, we’ve already gotten to the good stuff and dealt with the most racist stuff, so this next volume can’t help but feel sort of redundant. However, now that he’s an established artist, Gibson is apparently confident enough to let loose with a little freestyle, going off on freeform tangents of “Bitch, cunt, whore, gold digger!” and random heavy panting in between his usual accusations that Grigorieva ruined him. Among the few revelations in this somewhat uninspired follow-up is Gibson’s surprising admission that he’s suffering financially, having been forced to sell off some of his paintings and his private box at the Lakers game in order to support his ex-wife and keep Grigorieva in her pig-in-heat clothes. Overall, for completists only.

One of the most persistent jokes accompanying this whole kerfuffle has been references to Gibson’s 2000 romantic-comedy What Women Want, and today that gag has reached its inevitable conclusion: A re-cut What Women Want trailer that features all your favorite Gibson quotes humorously repurposed so it sounds like he’s demanding that Helen Hunt blow him.

UPDATE: Looks like Slate pulled the video. We suspect Nancy Meyers.