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Screenshot: SNL (YouTube)

As a wise, wide-eyed, almost undoubtedly MDMA-fueled man once said, “Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes.” It appears that NBCUniversal has released a 5-part compilation of every inspired SNL appearance from Bill Hader’s Stefon—Weekend Update’s longtime “City Correspondent” and, we still presume, husband to Seth Meyers. Forgive us, but...this compilation has everything. Literally. From Stefon’s debut alongside Ben Affleck in a sketch about two brothers with very different ideas for film pitches, all the way up to Hader’s post-cast member visits next to Colin Jost and Michael Che, aka “Mitt and Barack.”

The entire series basically clocks in at around a feature-length film, so strap in on this fall day for Furbies, kufi hats, MTV’s Dan Cortez, and, of course, the Jewish Dracula himself, Sidney Applebaum.


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