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New York Times subscriptions now come with Spotify

Illustration for article titled iNew York Times /isubscriptions now come with Spotify

With the president effectively telling reporters to shut the hell up—we’re sorry, we meant the co-president, of course—these are especially hard times for journalism, which has already seen its print branch in decline. The New York Times has vowed to keep doing its thing, though, despite the Twitter barrage coming from the White House. The paper of record is finding new ways to bolster readership and flagging revenues, including teaming up with Spotify to offer a music-and-news subscription. Pitchfork reports that new Times All Access subscribers can, for just $5 a week, get both digital NYT content and a Spotify Premium subscription.


The Times’ executive vice president and chief revenue officer Meredith Kopit Levien said in a statement that “News and music have gone hand-in-hand since the early days of radio, and because personalization and curation are central to what both The Times and Spotify do so well, we created an experience for Times readers that gives them access to all the news and all the music that they want in one premier subscription.”

Pitchfork notes that, in addition to the Times collaboration, Spotify has also hooked up with Tinder, in case you’re looking to roll all of your interests into one monthly subscription fee.

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