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New York threatening to close the Ghostbusters firehouse

In news that’s already being called a case of life imitating art, Ladder Co. 8—best known as the real-life New York firehouse that served as the fictional headquarters for the Ghostbusters—is on a list of proposed stations that could be closed later this year due to budget cuts, thereby paving the way for a group of paranormal investigators to move in and make good use of its pole. (Or actually, everything up until that last part, but the fact that it could be closed by the city really is straight out of the movie.) And while fans of the film may feel a twinge of nostalgic protectiveness towards good ol’ Ladder 8, it’s nothing compared to the genuine outrage of the district’s representatives who are currently railing against Mayor Mike Bloomberg for potentially putting the city in danger. Their feelings are echoed by the Uniformed Firefighters Association, who issued a statement saying, “Today Mike Bloomberg willfully abdicated responsibility for protecting the safety of New Yorkers with his proposal to close 20 fire companies.” Unfortunately, the statement did not continue, “Yes, it’s true—this man has no dick,” but you know they probably thought about it. [NYP via Movieline]

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