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New York Magazine's "Worst Roommate Ever" article is being developed for both film and TV

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According to Deadline, the horror masters at Blumhouse have picked up the rights to “Worst Roommate Ever,” a harrowing New York Magazine article about exactly what it says in the title. Surprisingly, Blumhouse is planning to make film and TV adaptations of the story, with the movie version most likely being a fictionalized dramatization of the article and the TV version being a docuseries. They’re both being developed by Fast & Furious screenwriter Chris Morgan, who should be able to capture the story’s dramatic twists and turns.


The original article was written by William Brennan, and it mostly centers on a woman named Alex Miller who opened her doors for a seemingly perfect (or at least seemingly normal) roommate who said his name was Jed Creek. He explained that he was a lawyer and showed up with some pets, no furniture, and a check for his half of the first month’s rent. Things quickly started to get weird, though, with Creek refusing to pay any bills, stealing light bulbs and putting kitchen furniture into his room, and then quoting complicated legal jargon to Miller whenever she questioned him or did something that slightly irritated him.

At the risk of spoiling the whole story, it eventually turned out that “Jed Creek” wasn’t his real name and that he was actually a serial squatter who had a history of moving in with people and slowly driving them crazy. Once they became so desperate that they took him to court (or gave him a reason to take them to court), he would use his legal knowledge to make things as difficult as possible until he gave up and moved on to his next victim. Miller eventually learned about his entire shocking backstory thanks to some detective work, but you’ll have to read the article or wait for one of these adaptations to see how it all wrapped up.

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