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New, Weekend At Bernie-esque video from Bleached, who are playing our SXSW party

For those of you perusing the lineup of our upcoming Just Another Manic Monday event at next month’s South By Southwest Interactive—RSVP available here!—and wondering “What is Bleached?”, “Who are Bleached?”, or “Is Bleached the band for me?”, you’re in luck: The band—formed a few years ago by sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin, formerly of Mika Miko—have put out a new video today to answer all your questions. (At least, if your questions are, “What would it look like if Bleached shot a video about dragging Jennifer’s dead body to a concert in a sort of Weekend At Bernie’s scenario?” or “Is Bleached still a pretty fun band?”)

The new song, titled “Wednesday Night Melody,” is being released in advance of the band’s second album, Welcome The Worms. The new album is currently scheduled to come out on April 1, which still gives the band time to put together an inferior sequel video, in which Jennifer Clavin is brought back to life by some bullshit voodoo nonsense that completely ruins the franchise and sends Jonathan Silverman scrambling desperately back to TV.


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