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New webseries Bwitches combines feminist comedy with witchcraft

Screenshot: YouTube

Smashing the patriarchy is hard, but it’s a little easier when you have magic on your side. At least that’s the premise behind Bwitches, the charming new webseries from creators and stars Johanna Middleton and Martine Moore. Billed as a cross between Broad City and Bewitched, the series follows two twentysomething L.A. roommates who just happen to be witches. But even magic can’t fully solve the menial day jobs, creepy co-workers, and Hollywood sexism that Reese (Middleton) and Maddie (Moore) have to deal with.

Without putting too fine a point on it, the series highlights the little annoyances that women—and specifically black women—face in their daily lives. (“You are so articulate!” one white mom gushes when Reese shows up to babysit.) And in particular the second episode, “When Bwitches Read Scripts” has some great pointed comedy about the boys’-club nature of the film industry. Not only do Reese and Maddie fail to get interesting roles when they show up to read a screenplay their male friend wrote, they also have to deal with one dude bragging of his hot new girlfriend, “All the Law & Orders? She played a rape victim.”

So far four episodes of Bwitches have been released, with the fifth and final episode set to debut July 26.

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