The Walking Dead

Negan’s the new sheriff in town—The Walking Dead season seven beat that into our heads early on, and this new midseason featurette shatters hopes that peace will return to Alexandria anytime soon. “Broken” and “defeated” get tossed around by cast members Danai Gurira and Alanna Masterson in reference to Rick Grimes, the ousted leader who’s been kowtowing to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villain.

The video opens with a voiceover that alludes to everything the group has already survived, so are things as grim as they seem? According to executive producers Scott Gimple and Gale Ann Hurd: yes. And if Andrew Lincoln had to venture a guess about Rick’s—and, by extension, Alexandria’s—future, he’ll continue to bend to Negan’s will to keep his remaining family safe. But Gurira speaks of a renewed, if tiny, glimmer of hope, so maybe Lucille’s going to retire, or Carol will pull off another great coup. We’ll find out when The Walking Dead returns on February 12.