Though devastating economic collapse and longterm intractable war might not be considered fun-time escapist topics for modern day game players, Hasbro has gone ahead and decided to release special undead-induced fall-of-humanity versions of two of its classic board games this fall. Players of Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition, after arguing over who gets to be the bucket of putrefying body parts and who has to be Dale's RV, will trade supplies like food and fuel instead of money for much-needed walls and guard towers instead of houses and hotels, all while trying to land on and acquire the Greene Family farmhouse and Woodbury before anyone else. Much like original Monopoly or an actual zombie apocalypse, everybody will try to kill each other by the time it's done.

Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition diverts more so from the classic version with a newly-designed map of the southeast U.S., divided up into 32 territories in which players will fight and scavenge for supplies. They'll also have to contend with herds of zombies that will emerge randomly at the start of each player's turn. And then when somebody inevitably gets mad and flips the board, you can just pretend it was the CDC setting off a nuclear explosion.