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New video sites from Pitchfork and Stereogum

Yesterday marked the launch of Pitchfork TV , the influential indie site's new offshoot, which features—you guessed it—video. If you haven't clicked yet, take a look: The site looks great, with big videos that can be viewed at full screen-size in high quality. Also, killer way to launch the thing: with an exclusive Radiohead live performance. There's not a ton to look at yet, but find your way to the Pitchfork VJ auditions featuring Les Savy Fav's Tim Harrington and SNL's Fred Armisen. Or watch it below, where I've handily embedded it for you.

Stereogum, another fine pimper of indie music, was recently purchased by BuzzNet, which—with little notice, or maybe we just weren't paying attention—added a sister site, Videogum. Rather than tracking and commenting on the latest music-related pictures, though, Videogum tackles TV and movies in the same spirit that Stereogum wrangles music.


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