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Fresh off a new album, Lovers Know, The Mynabirds have released a brand new music video. The clip for “Wildfire” is premiering exclusively on The A.V. Club and finds Mynabirds member Laura Burhenn rolling and raising hell with her lady friends young and old. According to Burhenn, the clip was inspired by an old friend who introduced her to the concept of friendly kismet. Or, in simpler terms the idea that “wherever we go in life, we manage to find our people.” As Burhenn told The A.V. Club,

“I did loads of traveling to make this new record, Lovers Know, and everywhere I went, I found my people. In South Africa, on highways across America, and when I finally landed in LA, my manager called me up and she said, “I met this woman named Amber at the TED Women’s conference in San Francisco and she’s got this film collective called the Dirty Girls Project in LA and I feel like you should know each other.” When we met up in Echo Park—Amber and the other Dirty Girls—we ended up having our meeting on a paddle boat in the middle of the lake, because we’re all just like that, adventurers. (I mean, why have a meeting on land when you could have it on the water?) I watched the documentary Vice made about them back in high school in the ‘90s and knew at once: We would’ve been best friends in real life if we grew up in the same town, and it was only a matter of time.”


Those Dirty Girls are all in the video below, helping Burhenn face her fear of roller coasters and teaching the relatively new L.A. transplant about everything her new fair city has to offer.

Lovers Know is out now on Saddle Creek.

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