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New Viceland network to tackle LGBT issues, music, pot, lots and lots of food

Viceland, Vice Media’s new Spike Jonze-led 24-hour TV network, has announced the original slate of shows for its upcoming February 29 debut. With a focus on culture, the roster of programs runs the gamut from embedded reporting, to food journalism, to weed etiqutte, to LGBT issues, and then back to food again. (Everybody likes food.)

Besides Jonze, Vice has tapped a few other big names to bolster the new station—which is replacing H2—as it gets off the ground. Most notably, Ellen Page is starring in a new documentary travel show called Gaycation, in which she and a friend travel around the world, examining the state of LGBT rights, confronting Ted Cruz, and narrating it all with a typically Page-like cadence. (You can see a trailer for the series below.) Page is joined on the network by celebrity chef Eddie Huang and rapper Action Bronson, both of whom are doing food shows; Huang’s World will focus on the cultural connections buried in cuisine, while the Bronson-starring F*ck That’s Delicious (an adaptation of a web series he did for Vice) is being described as the world’s first “rap food show.”

Other offerings from the network include looks at the world of fashion and sports, in the form of Fashion Week International and the imaginatively named Vice World Of Sports. There’ll also be an adaptation of Vice’s music blog, NOISEY, and a series about the manners of marijuana, aptly titled Weediquette.


Finally, the network has announced a new comedy show called Flophouse—not to be confused with the popular bad movie podcast—about comedians living together, and Balls Deep, in which Vice correspondent Thomas Morton embeds himself in the lives of Pentecostal ministers, Muslim-American families, and other people who probably weren’t told the name of the show they were appearing on.

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