A recent study conducted by the Sundance Institute and Women In Film found that deeply rooted gender stereotypes are one of the main reasons for the massive disparity between male and female directors when it comes to Hollywood’s top-grossing films.

Shortly after the study was released, an anonymous, unaffiliated blog began on Tumblr to collect anecdotal evidence of Hollywood’s sexism. Shit People Say To Women Directors (& Other Women Working In Film) provides an anonymous platform for anyone working in film who identifies as a woman to share their experiences. “This is for catharsis and to expose some of the absurd barriers women face in the entertainment business,” the blogs introductory post says.


The blog has been up for less than a week, but there are already over 60 posts detailing the gross sexism, heterosexism, sexual harassment, and just straight-up bullshit women in Hollywood endure. It’s depressing and yet not surprising, which only makes it more bleak.