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New trailer remix smashes Suicide Squad, The Dirty Dozen together

Illustration for article titled New trailer remix smashes iSuicide Squad/i, iThe Dirty Dozen/i together

A group of criminals is tasked by the U.S. government to take on a dangerous mission from which many may not return; in exchange they’ll receive reduced sentences and pardons for their transgressions. That description could either be for the upcoming Suicide Squad film (and its comic book origin) or perfectly fitting for 1967’s The Dirty Dozen. And since the internet abhors an implicit vacuum, Vulture has remixed the trailer for Suicide Squad to make the comparison more apparent.


Using the narration from the original trailer for The Dirty Dozen, along with the appropriate Dirty Dozen font and some visual effects to make the film look more dated, the cinematic supervillains are now on the hunt for Nazis in this smashed together version. It’s always been well known that The Dirty Dozen was an inspiration for the comics, so it makes sense that the movies would eventually end up together in such a way. The only question is, which member of the Suicide Squad is Lee Marvin? Because those are some large, grizzled shoes to fill.

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