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New Toy Story 4 TV spot is all about Keanu Reeves' Canadian stuntman

Keanu Reeves has a bit of a reputation of being… kind of flat. That’s not always the case, and he’s used his seeming unflappability to great effect in the John Wick movies (where you know things are really about to get violent when he stops being flat, but his handful of lines in this new TV ad for Toy Story 4 might be a little surprising for people who mostly know him from The Matrix. He actually acts! And does a voice that isn’t just his own! Of course, it’s not even a full minute of footage and he says only a couple things, but he says them pretty well and his character—Duke Caboom, Canada’s greatest stuntman, or at least a toy version of him—seems like a funny addition to the crew. Plus, it’s a clever twist by having the character’s self-confidence matched by the crappiness of the toy, which is something that a lot of ‘70s and ‘80s action figures could probably relate to.


Toy Story 4 will make an exciting jump into theaters on June 21.

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