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New Tony Robbins book pulled following sexual harassment allegations

Photo: Dave Kotinsky (Getty Images for DuJour)

According to The New York Post, a new book from self-help guru Tony Robbins has been effectively cancelled after BuzzFeed published allegations that Robbins has been known to “berate victims of rape and violence” and made “inappropriate sexual advances” toward female staffers and fans. The Post’s unnamed source says that publisher Simon & Schuster has decided not to publish the book, The Path: Accelerating Your Journey To Financial Freedom, though Robbins’ lawyers have apparently denied that the book has been outright canceled, which is either generic spin (as in, “the thing that makes our client look bad is not true!”) or indicative a plan to shop the book elsewhere.

The original BuzzFeed story is largely built on the idea that Robbins’ self-help empire has always kept itself extremely secretive, the better to protect Robbins’ reputation, and the organization allegedly used the insistence that his teachings have helped countless people as a shield to protect against criticism. Robbins has denied the allegations, referring to the report as an “inaccurate, agenda-driven version of the past, pierced with falsehoods.”

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