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New Swamp Thing trailer suggests nature is gross and vengeful, and yeah, that sounds right

DC Universe has unleashed a new, full trailer for the upcoming Swamp Thing series, which recently had its production cut short but that’s fine, everything is fine because they have enough footage of the swamp guy to make all these trailers. The series, which—as far as I can tell—is like Captain Planet, but scary and humid and covered in moss and shit (but not literal shit, I hope?), centers on Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) as she investigates a mysterious virus that seems to have come from the swamp. In the process, she discovers that there’s a bunch of supernatural stuff happening in the swamp. But some of it is good: Alec Holland (Andy Bean from It: Chapter Two) becomes Swamp Thing (Derek Mears), who looks terrifying but is actually helpful—not unlike E.T. or, I dunno, a Neti pot. There’s also a lot of bad happening in and around the swamp, like an evil scientist, played by Kevin Durand in a hilarious wig.

Swamp Thing also stars Jennifer Beals as Sheriff Lucilia Cable, Maria Sten as reporter Liz Tremayne, Will Patton (hell yeah) as the nefarious Avery Sunderland, and Virginia Madsen as his wife, Maria. The series, which hits DC Universe on May 31, will also introduce comic book characters like Blue Devil (played by Ian Ziering, of all people), and Madame Xanadu (Jeryl Prescott), whose powers almost certainly have nothing to do with the Olivia Newton-John masterpiece from 1980.

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