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New Star Trek show to boldly go abroad thanks to Netflix

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The new Star Trek series that Bryan Fuller’s leading won’t be restrained by network TV standards, nor will it be bound to the United States. Variety reports that the developing show, which is scheduled to debut in January 2017, will reach international audiences via Netflix. The streaming company has just reached a licensing agreement with CBS to be the exclusive international home for the series, and will feature new episodes of the show one day after their U.S. premiere on All Access, which is CBS’ streaming service.

Netflix is currently available in nearly 200 countries, but only 188 of them will have access to the new Star Trek series. Although the show will launch on the CBS network, U.S. residents will only be able to keep up with the series via the All Access streaming app. That service is $6 a month, which includes access to 7,500 on-demand episodes of other CBS series like The Big Bang Theory and NCIS, in case you’ve somehow missed the reruns on TBS or USA.


But while it isn’t ideal to have to pay for an app that you’ll probably only use to view one show, at least Americans have that option. Canada’s been left out in the cold once again, as the Netflix deal doesn’t apply to them, and All Access is currently only available in the United States. (Just wait till Quebec’s own William Shatner hears about this.) Our northern neighbors should have access to all 727 episodes of previous Star Trek series, which will be available worldwide—which we take to mean in Canada, too—by the end of the year.

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