Look at him up there. Isn't he hunky? And talented. Sigh.

Oh, and he's got a new record coming out already! Working On A Dream, which the Boss recorded with the E Street Band, will be out January 27. (It's kinda shaping up to be a hot Tuesday, with new records by Andrew Bird and Franz Ferdinand as well.) Anyway, the track listing (including the "bonus" songs "The Wrestler" and that one Halloween track Bruce gave away this year) is below.

1. Outlaw Pete

2. My Lucky Day

3. Working on a Dream

4. Queen of the Supermarket

5. What Love Can Do

6. This Life

7. Good Eye

8. Tomorrow Never Knows

9. Life Itself

10. Kingdom of Days

11. Surprise, Surprise

12. The Last Carnival

Bonus tracks:

The Wrestler

A Night with the Jersey Devil