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New Spotify feature provides tangible evidence of how hip you are

Here’s a riddle for you: If you liked a band before they were cool, but you were in a Spotify private session at the time, can you still be smug about it? A new microsite feature on the streaming service says you can. The appropriately self-satisfied “Found Them First” page encourages users to link their Spotify accounts to some sort of data bot, which will then search/strip mine those user’s accounts to determine which (or any—my experiment simply produced a screen saying “You haven’t discovered any artists yet!”) artists you were listening to before the hoi polloi of the streaming service caught on.

Besides a fun way to trick users into quickly clicking through a screen allowing Spotify (even more) access to their account data, the “Found Them First” feature also serves as a handy way to let people know that you’re still with it, even after the age of 33. Or you could take the contrarian approach and proudly display your lack of new musical influences, throwing down a symbolic gauntlet in defense of the old and/or uncool. You will be exposed to significantly less EDM that way…


[h/t Gizmodo]

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