While the new, Julie Taymor-less creative team continues to prepare its significant revisions to Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, it’s promised that some things will remain the same—like the spirit, the razzle-dazzle, and the debilitating accidents. T.V. Carpio—who played the Taymor-created show centerpiece Arachne, the giant spider with a shoe obsession—became the latest to leave the show after suffering a reported neck injury during a March 16 performance, making her the fifth person that Turn Off The Dark has left sidelined since it began.

Carpio herself only joined the production as a replacement for Natalie Mendoza, who sustained a now rather prophetic concussion during the show’s very first preview. At the time, she was one of its most ardent defenders, avowing to Movieline that she "wouldn't do it if I didn't feel safe," and adding, "I’m not worried about all the flying stuff. It’s the little things that you forget." While Mendoza’s incident had to do with some falling equipment backstage, Carpio apparently got hurt during a scene that involves “some fairly aggressive hand-to-hand combat between Arachne and Peter [Parker], as well as the two characters swooping and swinging from heights to confront each other.” So again, it's the little things—the minor tweaks, like maybe not having them do that—that should make all the difference.