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New song teaches the difference between Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard

While audiences are enjoying (?) Jurassic World, as well as Bryce Dallas Howard’s performance in the film, there remains a great deal of controversy surrounding the actress. Specifically, the question of whether or not she and Jessica Chastain are the same person. Sure, they were both in The Help together, but Hollywood can do amazing things with CGI these days. The fact is that there hasn’t been a case of confusing and mistaken identity in celebrities since the great Dermot Mulroney/Dylan McDermott debacle that continues to rage even now.

Luckily some heroes of the internet have stepped forward to set the record straight and finally differentiate the two red-headed actresses. Jon and Al Kaplan, creators of the Silence Of The Lambs Musical, Conan The Barbarian Musical, and Zombeavers, have penned Jessica Chastain: The Musical as sung by Stephanie Koenig playing the defiant role of Bryce Dallas Howard. The video unfolds and paints a portrait of two women pitted against each other by folks who simply cannot tell the difference between the two versatile actresses.

And for those curious if this has reached the upper echelons of Hollywood, behold the following Instagram video featuring Howard herself:


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