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New short film lets Mike Cernovich convince you he is a piece of shit

Photo: 60 Minutes

Mike Cernovich is a garbage person who, through his massive social media following, proliferates conspiracy theories—namely that everyone in Washington, D.C., outside of Donald Trump is a pedophile—when he’s not defining “diversity” as “white genocide,” describing feminism as a “collective action for ugly women,” and claiming date rape doesn’t exist. He’s also one of the architects of #PizzaGate and thereby at least partly responsible for the psychopath who shot up D.C.’s Comet Ping Pong with an assault rifle while “self-investigating” Cernovich’s claims.

Several years ago, Cernovich himself was embroiled in a rape case that he now claims was, as he describes most things that don’t align with his agenda, “fake.” Now, Nathan Bernard, a developer and podcaster, has made a short documentary that chronicles both the case and the evidence that Cernovich had his victim strong-armed into recanting her testimony. As he does in his podcast #FakeNews—the first episode of which centered around Cernovich—Bernard pulls the evidence straight from the horse’s mouth. The truth lies in between the lines of what Cernovich has written about the case in his own blog, and he uses this documentary as a means of illumination. It doesn’t hurt that it includes some of Vic Berger’s manipulated footage of Cernovich.

Cernovich’s talent is not just in knowing how to make lies sound like the truth, but also in how to bury truth within lies—just watch this 60 Minutes interview—and that’s part of what makes him so dangerous.


Donald Trump Jr. thinks he deserves a Pulitzer, by the way.

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