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New seasons of FLCL are coming to Adult Swim in June and September

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Screenshot: FLCL (Adult Swim)

The original run of cult anime hit FLCL revolved around an annoyingly exciting woman literally crashing into the life of a normal teenage boy, but thankfully we’re getting a bit of a warning before Adult Swim’s FLCL revival rams into our collective heads like a speeding Vespa. We first reported that the show was coming back for two new seasons back in 2016, and Adult Swim released a teaser last summer, but now we have more information about when those seasons will premiere—and what they’ll be about.


For starters, the first of the new seasons is titled FLCL: Progressive, and it will premiere on Adult Swim on June 2. Progressive comes from the original FLCL creators and a press release says it will center on a 14-year-old girl named Hidomi who crosses paths with two “otherworldly beings” named Jinyu and Haruha Raharu (the latter being one of the many names that Haruko Haruhara goes by in the first season). Also, as revealed by the voiceover in the trailer, voice actress Kari Wahlgren will be returning to play Haruko.

The second new season seems like a slightly weirder beast, which is probably good for a show that’s already as weird as FLCL. Titled FLCL: Alternative, it will premiere in September and the press release says it will be developed by “a totally different team of young creators” who are going to “redefine the meaning of ‘sequel.’” It’s about a 17-year-old girl name Kana whose normal life is upended when a robot and “a strange woman named Haruko” fall from the sky. It sounds like the basic concept is that both new seasons are expanding on the setup of the original anime but taking it unique directions, presumably with some kind of ties into the larger mythology that season one touched on (and mostly ignored).

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