Should you, like most of the Internet, harbor ill will toward a famous person, The CW may well provide you with the opportunity to say it to their face on H8R, a new reality show that’s expected to be announced at tomorrow’s upfronts. Or rather, the opportunity to say it to the cameras, then immediately find yourself chastened in their presence, as said celebrities confront their “biggest haters and try to convince them that their animosity is misdirected.” You know, because they’re just regular people trying to follow their dreams and make a living on this big spinning ball, and when they put it like that it’s difficult to resent them for it.

Also arguing against any sort of honest, confrontational vitriol: The “celebrities” signed up so far include the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jersey Shore’s Snooki, and it’s doubtful that anyone invested enough in caring about either of them enough to formulate a strong opinion would have a well-reasoned argument as to why, or one that wouldn’t immediately dissolve over a round of margaritas and some well-placed flattery. Nevertheless, the network is obviously hoping that the show will foster a more positive attitude toward celebrity, and combat society’s relentless drive to tear others down for no discernible reasons besides jealousy and unsubstantiated anger. Unfortunately, that’s going to be difficult considering it’s hosted by huge idiot douche Mario Lopez who totally sucks with his big stupid jerk face DON'T YOU JUST HATE HIM?