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New Prison Break clip focuses on a very important stick of gum

Prison Break

Fox released a trailer for its Prison Break revival way back in May, and at the show’s Comic-Con panel today it debuted an actual clip from the show that revolves around Wentworth Miller’s Michael Scofield doing what he does best: Coming up with an absurdly elaborate scheme to get out of prison. In the old show’s first season, his scheme involved saving his brother (Dominic Purcell) with a huge tattoo of a prison’s blueprints, and in this clip, it involves a single stick of gum. What’s he going to do with this gum? How could it possibly help? Those are the sorts of questions the guy giving Michael the gum asks, but nobody’s getting any answers just yet. We’ll have to wait until the show’s limited series revival in 2017 to get information like that.

During the Prison Break panel, Miller and Purcell also talked about their experiences on The Flash, with Purcell saying that he got the gig playing the villain Heatwave because of Miller. (These days, Purcell is part of the Legends Of Tomorrow cast and Miller wlil be antagonizing him and his buddies as part of the newly formed Legion Of Doom.) The two of them also credit The Flash with the idea for the new Prison Break, since they realized that it was still so easy working together that they might as well go back and give their old show a try.

[via Variety]


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