Lacking any actual Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides footage to tease the Comic-Con masses, Disney did the next best thing with this teaser trailer, having Johnny Depp dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow and do a little in-character advance promotion spiel, yo ho. Or somewhat in character, anyway: Enumerating the many dangers of his upcoming quest for the Fountain of Youth, Sparrow warns that he will face zombies, cutthroats, and Penélope Cruz—which opens up all sorts of logistical wormholes. If Jack Sparrow inhabits a world where Penélope Cruz also exists, does that mean he’s both real and contemporary? And more importantly, who played Cruz’s husband in Blow? Realities crashing upon realities; it’s not arriving until May 2011, and already On Stranger Tides is way more convoluted than At World’s End. [HT to Vulture]