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Jokes are Paul F. Tompkins’ trade, but he’s no prankster. That’s why you can take the gentleman comedian at his word when he tells you he’ll premiere a brand new podcast on April 1—for April Fools’ Day is a celebration unbecoming of such a stylish wit. After appearing on practically every other Earwolf podcast (though he seems to only make it to Comedy Bang! Bang! around the holidays), Tompkins will bring Spontaneanation to the network that’s also home to Who Charted?, How Did This Get Made?, and other audio programs where you might hear the voice of Paul F. Tompkins. As explained in the teaser below, Spontaneanation will feature fully improvised stories inspired by conversations with the show’s guests—or, as the host puts it, “the opposite of what I’ve always done, which is do something extremely produced that takes a long time and a lot of anguish.”


As with Tompkins’ previous venture into the podcast realm, The Pod F. Tompkast, Spontaneanation will feature musical accompaniment by Eban Schletter. Unlike that ornate and meticulously sequenced show, Spontaneanation will require a minimum of preparation, leaving the host free to pursue other ventures in stand-up, puppet-augmented political humor, online interview series, streaming animated comedies, and appearing on podcasts other than his own.

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