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New Painkiller Jane adaptation gets its directors

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A new big-screen adaptation of Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada’s Painkiller Jane has found its directors in the form of creepy Canadians and honest-to-God twins Jen and Sylvia Soska. The Soska sisters first broke onto the scene with their micro-budget exploitation flick Dead Hooker In A Trunk, which attracted the attention of famous fans like Hostel director Eli Roth. A followup film, the body-modification horror movie American Mary, then led to two movies for the WWE’s film division, the upcoming See No Evil 2 and Vendetta.


The Soska’s exploitation aesthetic and fascination with man-made mutations should be a good fit for Painkiller Jane, about a former cop turned vigilante who possesses exceptional regenerative powers but still feels the pain of her injuries (thus the nickname). Series creator Palmiotti will produce along with Sin City: A Dame To Kill For producer Stephen L’Heureux. Assuming this project makes its way to the big screen, this will be the first theatrical adaptation of Painkiller Jane; back when it was still The Sci-Fi Channel, Syfy made a TV movie starring Emmanuelle Vaugier that was later spun off into a short-lived series starring Kristanna Loken.

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