For bass dorks who harbor dreams of a John Entwistle/James Jamerson/Geddy Lee supergroup (which would be retarded, as two of those famous bassists are dead), a consolation prize is on the way from the newly formed Freebase, which comprises Peter Hook (New Order, Joy Division), Andy Rourke (The Smiths) and Mani (The Stone Roses, Primal Scream). Hook tells Uncut:

"As for the music itself, it's a really weird cross between northern soul, reggae, New Order, Stones Roses and the Smiths. The three basses work together on a few tracks, which I was delighted about, because everyone was laughing at us for wanting to do it."

He adds that the group is looking for a lead singer who's well-known, so they can "persecute" him (does this make sense to anyone?).