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New Netflix docuseries to delve into the attempted assassination of Bob Marley, other musical mysteries

Photo: Michael Ochs Archives (Getty Images)

Netflix is getting ready to delve into some of the biggest mysteries in musical history (but not who shot Tupac and Biggie, because that one’s already been definitively covered). The streaming service released a teaser trailer for its new music docuseries ReMastered today, which is set to release its first episode (or as the service is calling it, “track,” which, okay guys) on October 12, focused on the attempted assassination of Bob Marley.

Marley was shot non-lethally in 1976, a tumultuous time in the history of Jamaican politics. The shooting—in which gunmen invaded Marley’s Tuff Gong estate, shooting him once, and Wailers guitarist Don Kinsey multiple timeshas long been a subject of conspiratorial interest, not least of which because of suggestions that foreign intelligence agencies, including the CIA, were involved. The Netflix series will presumably dive deep into those theories with its exploration of “Who Shot The Sheriff?”


Netflix is trying a new release strategy for ReMastered, issuing a new episode each month instead of doing a big binge dump. The second episode will focus on a bizarre meeting between Richard Nixon and Johnny Cash, while the third will ask “Who Killed Jam Master Jay?” Other episodes will focus on the deaths of the members of the Miami Showband, Chilean singer Victor Jara, and Sam Cooke, before the season ends on a look at famed bluesman/alleged devil deal-maker Robert Johnson, and then, in the finale, the backstory of the authorship of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” (Which is kind of a weird swerve from all the blood and death of the earlier installments, but an interesting story nonetheless.)

[via Rolling Stone]

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