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“New Nazis” puts Puff Pieces on the post-punk frontline

The post-punk revival of the ’00s birthed huge groups like Interpol and The Rapture—and smaller ones like Washington, D.C.’s Antelope, who released music on that city’s venerable Dischord Records before disbanding in 2008. But members of Antelope have regrouped in the new outfit Puff Pieces. And once again, post-punk is the order of the day. But on the trio’s self-titled, inaugural EP—which features the prickly, provocative track “New Nazis,” being debuted here—Puff Pieces makes it clear that the post-punk revival isn’t dead. It’s as nail-biting and nerve-jangling as ever.

Puff Pieces will be released April 19 via Lovitt Records.


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