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(Image: Marvel Comics)

Being a teenager is tough, especially if you’re a teenager in the X-Men universe. Not only are you growing hair in weird places, but there’s also a distinct possibility that you could soon develop mutant powers that make lasers come out of your eyes, turn your skin blue, or—when writers really want to underline the metaphor—make you grow hair in weird places. Director Josh Boone’s upcoming New Mutants movie is set to tell an X-Men story about a slightly younger group of heroes than the normal X-Men films, and according to Production Weekly (via Comicbook.com), it as an appropriately angsty working title to go along with all of that teen drama.

The working title is apparently Growing Pains, which is both a nod to the physical pains that one feels while growing up and a reference to the fact that growing up is just kind of shitty in general, particularly if you’re a mutant and you suddenly find yourself fighting against some kind of supervillain who is threatening you and/or people you care about. The name is also very on the nose, which means it probably won’t stick around, but at least 20th Century Fox will have an obvious theme song to use if it keeps the name.

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