The last time there was a new Muppets movie at Christmas, it was the bittersweet The Muppets Christmas Carol, a.k.a. Mommy, Why Does Kermit Sound Like That Now? But hopes are obviously a lot higher for the next-generation Muppet film, which is currently being pieced together under cover of studio secrecy by Jason Segel and Flight Of The Conchords co-creator James Bobbin: Disney has announced that it plans to open the next Muppets movie on Christmas Day, 2011, choosing to première the film on a Sunday so as to capitalize on families who will take any excuse to get out of the house and sit in blessed silence for a couple of hours. It will compete that weekend with Steven Spielberg’s Adventures Of Tintin: Secret Of The Unicorn and Cameron Crowe’s We Bought A Zoo. (Gee, wonder which one of those will come in at No. 3?)